How to Select a Solid Domain Name

If you want your website to be successful, a solid domain name is an absolute must. Whether this site is meant to promote a business or showcase your personal creativity, it won’t amount to much if people aren’t visiting. Although a number of factors go into determining a site’s success, it can’t be denied that one’s choice of domain name is very important. With this in mind, site owners are urged to go the extra mile when choosing them. Anyone interested in simplifying the name selection process can benefit from the following pointers.

Make the Name Reflect What the Site is All About

When kicking around domain name ideas, it’s important to emphasize what your site is all about. For example, an artist creating a website to display her work would be well-served by something along the lines of “” Alternatively, a restaurant owner hoping to reach a local audience should opt for something akin to “” Short names that instantly tell prospective visitors what a site is all about will increase your site’s odds of being remembered.

Confirm that the Name isn’t Taken or too Similar to an Existing One

Before you can officially purchase a domain name, you’ll need to confirm that it isn’t currently in use. Luckily, aims to make this process completely free of hassle. Visitors can easily check WHOIS for an extensive number of domain names and confirm whether their desired names are available in a matter of seconds. Additionally, if the name you wish to register is taken, you’ll be greeted with a convenient list of alternatives. However, make a point of avoiding suggestions that are too similar to existing domain names, as this can make it difficult for your site to carve out its own unique identity.

Nix Hyphens and Numbers

When deciding on a name, take care to emphasize ease of typability. This means avoiding hyphens and numbers, since adding them while typing a domain name can prove cumbersome. If you were to look at a list of the web’s most popular domain names, you’d see that almost none of them contain numbers or hyphens.

Domain name selection is not something site owners can afford to take lightly. While it’s true that a good domain name doesn’t guarantee success, it dramatically increases the likelihood of your site getting noticed and making a lasting impression on visitors. In the quest for the perfect domain name, remember to emphasize what the site is all about, avoid names that are too similar to existing ones and nix numbers and hyphens.